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Italian sausage(store bought) + pasta

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Got a good deal on a package of sausage (Fletchers Tuscan Italian) the other day, so I did this after work:  

Into the CSE set to 250, 1-1/'2 oz apple chips. and a head of garlic (didn't do a thing to it, just threw it in there) 101909_1096.jpg

my notes say I only had them in there about 45 min. seems fast, but that's what I wrote...

The sausage is looking great. The garlic is perfect - I wasn't going for fully roasted, just tender and smoky.



In a large saute pan, I put in about 2 Tbsp OO, and about half the head of garlic, smashed and finely chopped. Let that flavor the oil a bit, then added a large can of diced tomatoes in juice and simmered to cook out about half the liquids.  When it had the thickness I wanted, I added leftover marinara (from meatloaf the other night), sauteed mushrooms (from steaks last night), sliced sausage, about 1/2 bunch chopped fresh parsley, just a bit of Italian seasoning (trader joe's), some salt and pepper.


low simmer, covered, to get all the flavors mingling well, until the pasta is ready.


There ya go, then.  And all AFTER I got home from work! one of the reasons I love my electric.

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That looks and sounds like some wonderful pasta. 

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Very Nice....

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I love my charcoal but learning the watt burner techniques slowly.

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That looks and sounds awesome. I would have had to add me some Basil cause I have it fresh outside my door. The combos are great. I am going to smoke some parmesan in a couple weeks to see what that does to it too.  LOOKING GOOD

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Now that looks like a meal that I would really enjoy. I hope you did too.

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You go girl! Love me some Italian sausage! That looks fabulous!

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Looks Great!


Once a week we take my homemade Italian Sausage and make spaghetti.


Make your own and save a few bucks.




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