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Today i prepare my first batch of sausage, the prescitption is from Bosnia and the call it "sremska ljuta kobasica). Tomorrow i start the coldsmokegenerator and smoke for about 75 hours.....IMG_0028.JPG

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Nice , 75 hours?

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Yes,  according the presciption 3-4  day and night. in about 50 farenheight...

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That sounds very interesting, please keep us posted. I'm sorry but I had to laugh when I read "prescription". I'm gonna google Sremska!

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That's a long time in the smoker, but  who am I to question the old world recipes. Does it have cure in the recipe? I"m looking forward to the results.

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Looks good (Kitchen too)


Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

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Great looking start Flua.

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Waiting to see final results...

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Now that looks great!   I can't wait for the finished product.

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I got a chuckle too when I read about Flua's "prescription" for this sausage, but it was the right word for him.  Don't be fooled by his 57 post count.  Check out his build thread for his smoker, and you'll see he is an addict!   LOL

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Holy cow! I just read through his whole build thread! That was amazing! I think he needs a "prescription" for some Squirrel! LOL!

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Thanks everybody, "only" 67 hours left. Everything works fine. New report tomorrow......IMG_0053.JPG

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cant wait to see your results

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Today i make some woodchips, works really well in the smokegenerator together whith some sawdust...IMG_0056.JPG

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Originally Posted by DanMcG View Post

That's a long time in the smoker, but  who am I to question the old world recipes. Does it have cure in the recipe? I"m looking forward to the results.

I wouldn't think there's any cure there based on the time in the smoke. It looks like the 75 hr smoking time, is what is being used to provide the nitrate as opposed to the curing salt. 


But I'm still having some issues with this. Something doesn't sound right.


I was born in that part of the world and am familiar with that type of sausage, but I don't know of anyone smoking for 75 hrs straight. It was always more of doing several 3-5 hr smokes over 3-4 days.

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I want to see the finished product.  The picture in the link sure looked great.


Thanks for posting this.

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Perhaps you have right, the time come to decide it. I think  also its a long time. Here is the recipes...


• 2100 grams lean pork
• 600 grams Beef
• 300 gr bacon without rind
• 60 g salt
• 10 grams Black pepper, freshly ground
• 30 g Paprika *
• 30 gr garlic, pressed
Can you get a red pepper called Horgos Vitamin, sound you can (strongly) and Slatka (mild), you can really get the right taste. Take most of the mild powder and taste your way with the strong until you are satisfied with the strength. The strong powder is not very strong so that you do not get a fire bomb by mistake, although it would take much of the strong powder.

There are other varieties in fine immigrant shops. "Sound you can" and "Slatka" is also used by other producers to denote strength.

Grind all the meat coarsely (8 mm blades). Mix with remaining ingredients and knead dough thoroughly for 30 minutes.

Stop in thin svinfjälster 25-30 mm in diameter and tie the sausages à 35-40 cm length.

Hang the sausages airy and cool for about 2-3 days after which the cold-smoked for up to 10 days.

After smoking dried sausages airy at max 12 ° C between 45-60 days depending on humidity.


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Now this sausage look awesome and I'm wondering if I can make it. That smoker is awesome too it looks so cool all shiny an all.

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We've had a crap weather, cold and rain. smoke generator stopped several times when it leaked in water, grrrr. Started out hot smoke to rescue the sausages, now hang them and dryers. Will be back with result later in the week. Sometimes it does not go as planned, but that's what is called experience ...........IMG_0061.JPG

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