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Turkey and the Mes

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Been a while for some Q veiw thought I'd do some. This was a basic 24hr brine

2 gal water

1  y onion quarted

1 c K salt

1 c sugar

11/2 tbs celery seed

11/2 tbs fresh black pepper

11/2 tbs poultry seasoning

11/2 tbs parsley

3 gloves of garlic pressed

Pre heated to 250 for over an hr which it never made it 240 was the best I could get.  Wood for the smoke was pecan and the cook time 51/2 hrs . Over all turned out pretty good.  Smoked Turkey 005.jpg                  

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It certainly looks good!!





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Fine lookin  Bird right there!!!

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Turkey looks great, nice color...

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Now thats one fine looking bird you have there.

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Thanks guys!

After 2 days of turkey the wife wanted to make it 3 with a turkey casserol . Hun heres $20 lets have papa murphy's pizza, sure she says ya want the chicken an garlic

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