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Boneless Butt!

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I got a 4.5 lb butt goin in the char-broil today. Gonna take it to 190* for slicing. Should make some nice sammies!fleet 004.JPGfleet 005.JPG

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Almost 6 hrs later finally 160* Going in the tent until 190*fleet 010.JPGfleet 008.JPG

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Thats a nice lookin butt there Raptor!  I love the color!

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On to the slicer!!fleet 014.JPGfleet 013.JPG

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Looks mighty tasty! Bring on the bread!

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I want one of those sandwiches. Man oh Man thats some fine looking butt you did there Raptor.

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A bun and some home made chipotle sauce MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fleet 019.JPG

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Dang, there's lots of miles between you and me, and I gotta work in the morning, otherwise I'd like be squatin' on yer front lawn by this time on Sunday! LOL!!!!!!!


Nicely done sliced pork, and good evidence that the shoulder is not just for pulling! I've done some boneless fresh picnic hams for slicing...mighty good eats.


Thanks for sharing!



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Thanks Eric, Sliced pork is the way to go!

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