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Beer Can Chicken

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At home with a sick kid and have a whole chicken in the fridge....decided to do a beer can chicken today on the smoker.  I will be putting it on in the next hour and will hopefully will have some qview for ya!

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Sounds good I'll look forward to the Qview

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Here is the chicken rubbed with Jeff's rub...


bbq 001.jpg


Got the fire started


bbq 003.jpg


Closer look....


bbq 004.jpg


The bird is on!


bbq 005.jpg


Thin blue smoke?  bbq 006.jpg

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bbq 009.jpg


Here it is after 90 minutes at 325 degrees.  Breast and thigh temp at is nice and crisp.  Hope it tastes good!

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Your yard bird looks like it will be mighty YummO. I like your smoker too. it looks like quite the heavy duty model for sure.

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Ever burn your knees on that smoker?  I'm definitely the type that would not pay attention and walk right into that firebox!  Great looking bird!












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Thanks guys...actually the firebox sits back a little bit so the grate in front of the cooking chamber keeps you far enough away from the box.  It is a little warm but I haven't burned myself yet.  A local guy builds these bbq's in his spare time from his auto body shop.  He has done some great bbq's.

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It all looks good man - smoker and the food

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