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Stuffed Burgers

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I think I have a sickness, and the only cure is MORE COWBELL....wait wrong forum.  Anyway I decided to make some burgers on the smoker tonight.  I figured I'd used the SFB from my Chargriller as a grill.  So I started by just making boring ol' cheese and onion stuffed burgers and while I was in the fridge I saw left over brisket and ABTs and firgured they would do just fine in a burger.  So here is my attempt at stuffed burgers.  I put a little of Bilbo's bbq sauce (amazing) with the stuffing and topped the burgers with a tiny bit of Bilbo's rub (also awesome).

Stuffed burgers.jpg

Turns out some adult bevarages and you come up with great food ideas (incedentally I think it makes me a better dad too, crazy =P)

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Still having issues with photos...try 2

Stuffed burgers.jpg

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Maybe Kim Kelly can help!!! 

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I have a brinkman pit master and I grill in the firebox a lot. I make stuffed burgers with whatever I find. Left over pizza, pull the toppings off and use as stuffing.

I like your stuffing. Will have to give it a try some time.

Let us know how they turned out.
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Unfortunately I am only able to eat one burger at a time, so I got the brisket one first, and it was AMAZING!  I've been cooking on a gas grill for a long time so I think just using charcoal to make a burger added a lot but the bbq sauce and onions just sent it over the top!  Can't wait to eat the left over burgers, probably for breakfast :-)

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I've finally gotten to eat all the burgers, and let me say I was not disappointed with any of them.  The brisket one was by far the best, with the onions and sauce inside, it was just great.  The ABT was interesting, not sure the cream cheese makes a good burger filler, but I bet if I did some with chedder it would be real good.  The third one was just cheese and onions inside and it was good, but dull compared to the rest.


I guess I've been busy enough not to be a "newbie" anymore and now my photos show up the first time (finally/hopefully).  I think this was the brisket burger.

I really like using the SFB as a little grill.  I think I need a little more practice (darn :-) ) cooking with charcoal since the burgers were a little bit overdone and a little dry for my taste (another excuse to use excessive BBQ sauce).

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How many ABT's do you have to make to have leftovers?  I'm not sure my smoker could make that many!  Friends seem to come out of the woodwork when I make them.

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You have been busy with making the fatties too. Now you are making the stuffedz burger and Abt's yea I think that you might have got the bug going on my friend.

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I managed to not tell anybody when I was making the ABT's and I made them in the middle of the night, so I think that helps keep ABTs in the fridge.  If people I work with knew where I lived I think the story would be much different.  I limit them to what my lunchbox will hold.

I have definitely got the bug.  I pretty much wonder how anything will taste smoked, like the dumplings we had at a chinese restaurant last night.  I spend all week thinking of what to smoke and how to do it better/different.

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