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Back in Buisness after being away for a month

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I have been removed by from my family and my smoker due to Military obligations but I got to get home this weekend. Fired up the UDS and currently have a 9lb butt on, baby backs will go on in about 15 mins, then some ABT's to follow. Got some friends and family stopping by for the grub. Q view to follow, then leaving the fam and smoker behind again tomorrow.

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thank you for your service and welcome home. looking forward to your qview

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I was only away from home for about a month, no big deal really. I am in The Navy and my Sub is in the shipyard in NH while my fam stayed behind in CT. I will get to see them about one weekend a month or so, alot easier compared to when we are sea bond for 6 mos at a time.  Thank you for your comments and the QView will be posted when everything is done!

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I want to thank you for your service too dauntless!


Can't wait for your Qview,


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NO BIG DEAL!!!!!! yes it is,,,my familly thanks you for your service also,,my son is in jrotc and is goin to do his first smoke today shoulder and chicken,,,,,,,,,thank you again and look forward to your qbiew

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The stinking butt has been stuck at 160 for two hours now, I have it doubled foiled and waiting out this stall. Horrible timing but oh well, the ribs, beans, and abt's will all be done in time for company. Pork might be a midnight meal at this rate.

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Welcome back and thank you for your service.

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Man you have no idea how much what you do means to us around here. I have had the privilege of working with the military in securing both ships and on shore facilities both CONUS and OCONUS and have worked with many of you and find you all to be amazing to work with

Thank you for what you do!

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Thank you for keeping us safe. Your more appreciated than you know.

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The butt will be fine in it's own time. I like to have a 3-4 hr.window to wrap and place in the cooler. These things will stay so warm for 4 hrs that you can't put your hand on it for long.
Thank you from my family to you and yours for your service to us all.Bill & Crew
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Well the ribs and ABT's came out great! But the Butt finally came p to 205 and after I let it set wrapped in the cooler I started to pull it and that is when I discovered how much fat was in it. I mean I might have gotten maybe a lb of meat that was salvageable.. The rest was very slimy and there was a ton of fat in it, anyone else get a bad cu like this. I couldn't believe how slimy everything was while I pulled it. Do I even trust the little but of meat I did manage to get that seemed decent?  BTW Pics to follow of the ribs and the Butt before I pulled.  

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