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Any body know if there are kits available to convert from propane to natural gas, or if anyone sells units set up for natural gas? Newby here, plane on getting myself stared in this new hobby for Christmas.

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Yes I believe there are kits to convert. I don't understand the difference so I can't give you specifics but I have read threads about converting. Hopefully someone with some knowledge on this will be around soon to help you out.

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There are a couple kits at Home Depot for specific model grills but you may want to check around at other retailers too.

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Hopefully this won't be too confusing. Natural gas appliances operate at a much lower pressure than propane appliances. The orifice on the burner MUST be sized correctly for both the burner size in BTU's and the natural gas pressure in inches of Water Column (WC) If you know both the burner's BTU rating and the nat gas delivery pressure, you can re jet your burner with a "spud" kit. I would recommend you get a gas fitter to do the work.


Hope this helps!

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