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I'm a fabricator at heart, I love to work with metal and I modify everything from my motored toys, to my son's bike.  So why not the MES????  I got into the mod section and looked at everything, but nothing fitted my needs as far as a cart goes.  So I am picking up one of these tonight and swapping it out for a tool cart I have that I use with my Mig welder.


at $89.99 on sale its a bargain.

Screen shot 2010-09-17 at 6.58.22 AM.png


I will add a top made out of OSB, and then cover with a sheet of SS or Formica depending on what I find in the scrap yard tomorrow.  I will end up paining it up, and also painting he MES to match.


Here's the plan for the final drawing sorry for the crude look of the unit.


Screen shot 2010-09-17 at 7.13.58 AM.png


I will be adding a counter balance on the left side to make up for the weight of the MES, over all height to the controls is right at 50"s, I'm 6'2" so that's not a bad working height for me.


I want something different, I want to store all my smoking supplies and tools in one spot, and have a counter to work from.  I also need it to be easy to clean.


Thoughts or suggestions welcome.  I have not 100% locked in on the side supports, I will probably make it out of sheet metal, and could just bend it out on a brake and be done.  I really want to do it more old school, and build it out separate and then put it all together with rivets, sort of old school aircraft look.  I smoke out front of my garage so the wheels and cart are a natural fit for he space.