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Pork Shoulder on my new to me WSM

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Had a good time today playing with the WSM.
Used the advice from Saiko and foiled the water pan, then filled with sand, and covered that with more foil.
Filled the charcoal ring with Royal oak, and chunks of cherry.

Rubbed down a 9 pound shoulder with Simply Marvelous Cherry Rub

As I posted earlier in another thread this thing was leaking like a sieve and running a little hot so I plugged up the holes with come aluminum foil.
You can see a little rust on the bottom dial - not bad.

After about 9.5 hours it was sitting at 173

Pulled at about 12 hours - 200 degrees.

All wrapped up and waiting for the game tomorrow....

I the mean time, I cranked up the Egg and did some pizza for dinner.

Thanks for looking, and for the feedback/adise on the WSM!

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both look very good

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Originally Posted by ellymae View Post

I the mean time, I cranked up the Egg and did some pizza for dinner.






Ellymae!!! great looking butt!!!  hope the new to you WSM treats you well.  but tell me more about that pizza girl... is that spinach on there???

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Hi erain - Nope, it's arugula...


Here's the deal..... I didn't use whole wheat dough on these...


Whole wheat dough.
Blend of Good Asiago, Reggiano, Romano. Equal parts, about 2 cups total. Some buffalo mozzarella

Some fresh mozzarella
Arugula, fresh(not packaged)
High quality olive oil.
Lay out the dough; brush it lightly with olive oil. Put in oven until it just starts to set.
Add 1/2 of the blended cheese and some dollops of the 2 mozzarellas. Close egg till cheese melts and dough is nearly done.
Cover entire top of pie with prosciutto and close till dough is done and prosciutto is sweating.

toss arugula with olive oil and remaining cheese blend and some cracked black pepper.

place arugula on top of prosciutto/pizza. close lid for about 20 seconds. remove pie and serve hot.

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I'm not sure I could say that one looks better then the other. If it was me, I would have to eat both.


Very nice work.

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Thankis Tom - have to admit, we did tuck into the shoulder a bit....

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Your butt looks great but that pizza has me drooling!

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Glad to hear the WSM treated you well. Was thinking if it was leaking around the lid.... see if you can find some flat woodstove felt or gasket. Run a ring of it around where the lid sits using some hight temp stove gasket glue. Just orient it so the flat is pinched between the bottom edge of the lid and the body. Shouldn't affect the fit of the lid other than it would sit a tad higher, but should hopefully seal up the leaks.


..... and the pizza looks AWESOME! Love puttin greens on a pizza!

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