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Finally complete my first UDS

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Well after a few weeks I completed my first UDS.  I am hopefully going to get some pictures posted.  What an experience.  First I burned it out twice, then sanded it down, then took some steel wool to it, then bought a black and decker steel brush for the drill and did the whole inside.  Some more sanding, and then washed it a couple times with mild soap and warm water.  I hope by doing all that, it is clean. 


Last night I tested it out and put a whole bag of Royal Oak (wanted to see how it would do on a chilly winding evening).  Started at 5:30pm and today around 12:30 the temp declined to under 100 degrees.  I was really impressed.  I played around with it some and it spiked to 300 degrees at one point but ran between 225-260 for most of the time. 


One question.  I wiped out the inside to get rid of some of the white ash and when I wiped it down, it look almost like mud on the inside.  I did season it with cooking spray (alot of it) so I am assuming that between the heat and smoke and spray, this is what it produces.  If I am wrong please let me know.  I am cooking 20lbs of brisket tomorrow night for Saturday.  Now I have to build a windshield to put around it.

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Sounds like your ready to start smoking. Sounds like you may have used to much spray, just wipe off the excess and you should be good to go. Welcome to the ugly club.

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there is going to be black "scum" for lack of a better word inside the barrel, its normal and leave it in there. its flava lol

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Be prepared to make more when your friends want one

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Congrats on the build, hope you have many happy smokes.

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