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scored some apple wood!

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went to my dad's place today to work up a small apple that got blown over in a recent storm.  the largest chunks are 3" diam and goes down to about 1" before I called the rest of it brush.  I cut the larger dia section into 2-3" chunks and the smaller sticks I cut between 4 and 8". I got just over a 5 gal bucket full so it should last me a while once it dries out.


this is very green wood as it was just blown over. I'm wondering about putting a stick or two in my uds on the outside of the coal basket to dry it faster, any suggestions on this?


I've used similar practices with my wood stove with some not so dry oak I got last year late in the season. I'd place 2 or 3 chunks at the back of the stove and build the fire up good at the front ( stove burns front to back ) and always woke up to a warm house with most of the green wood gone.   Smokin is a bit different since my wood stove actually burnt the wood and it didn't have any ill effects on how my dinner tasted !

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Nobody ??

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Let it dry natural, why rush a good thing.

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Nice score. I don't know about trying to dry the wood with that method for smoking personally I'd let it air season

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I'd split the bigger pieces in half length wise and let it dry naturally.  It won't take long to dry maybe a couple months.  

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Thanks Guys!

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