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H2O for even temps?

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Would putting a pan of water at entrance of smoke chamber from firebox help even out temps throughout the smoke chamber (reduce hot spots)?

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IMHO ,No, The water pan in a vertical smokers is in between the fire and the meat. on a horizontal  smoker the heat and smoke would just pass over the water.

 Now you could make a baffle to spread the heat out in the smoke chamber . I know some here have done mods to sfb smokers and have had great sucess in controlling the heat.


 BTW. where ya located up there in the yankee part of our state. LOL

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Yeas what he said. Bob is very right it is for vertical smokers like the GOSM and Smoke Vault and brinkmans too. But it will keep the heat moist thus creating a more level moist heat. It wouldn't work in the side fire box smoker that I know of.

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Thanks eman..Will research the baffle.  I live about 20 miles NE of Minden. Middle of nowhere.  Planning on smoking ribs and pk butt and watching our tigers beat NC on Sat.

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Baffle and tuning plates will even you out from right to left, but it doesn't hurt to have a waterpan as well.

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