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Get better soon Ron!!!

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Hope you get well soon Ron. 

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prayers sent your way Ron P

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Hang in there Ron. We're pulling for you

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I just sent ya mine, Ron.  Hang in there.  Hopefully those close to ya can get a laptop in there so that you can see that we're all pulling for ya.  Get well soon.

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Much love and hugs to you and your family Ron! Get well soon!



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When he gets better we are going to have to do a study on all the Yoshida's he mops onto everything he cooks?  Connection?


Here's to his speedy recovery and return to pouring yoshida's on all manner of things in his smoker!

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Wishing the best for Ron and his family.

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Ron I hope you get better real soon. Our prays  will be with you and Carol

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                                                              RIP Ron



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