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why RF?

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Just wonderin what all the fuss is about?  More even temp over std offsets?  I have this heavy duty brinkman that I thought maybe I could mod, just wasn't sure why I should.


Also...and I'm surprised this hasn't been done yet...can someone make a wiki with the RF calculator links ??




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I have a reverse flow and love every bit of it. It heats evenly all the way across. Though it is on a trailer and it's as big as a small car so it might be a bit bigger than yours.  Not sure how that would translate to a smaller unit. But I think RF is the way to go. It holds heat very very well.

Here is the thread on my build. There might be some info in there you could use.


I don't have the info on the Calculator. We built mine a few years ago. So I don't remember all the exact numbers. I'm sure it is on here somewhere though. Thought I read something on in the last month or so.

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I read something about the calculator this weekend but I can't find it now LOL  that is why I suggested a WIKI

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Nice looking rig there Boone!  Next time I down that way I'll stop in for some grub!!

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Hey thanks!!. Your welcome to stop by anytime.  Any luck on that calculator?

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