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beer can chicken

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ok. beer can chicken was awesome, once I brought it inside and put it in the oven..

my brinkman smoker I have figured out will not let me get temp to where it needs to be because the water pan is sooo big it holds all the heat below it, if you take it out the heat jumps up about 60 degrees. so what do you do about maybe a smaller drip/water pan???  I thought this was going to be a no brainer and I just got frustrated. but I must admit once I brought it in to the oven it came out sooooo good. I just hope I can recreate my rub it was awesome.

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Drain the radiator a bit.

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And always keep notes on what you mix up. Some of that stuff you will want to duplicate,,, and some of it, not so much!

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Have you done any mods to your brinkmann? The two most important things you can do are to put some holes in your fire pan to let the fire breathe and install a grate in the pan to allow ashes to fall through. The biggest reason people have trouble with low temps in this smoker is as build up choking out the coals.

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Why use water in the pan, unless it's very dry out?


Lots of opinions on this subject, but I use a small pan of water on one of my racks and not the 1 gallon water pan in my smoker.  If it's humid out, try smoking without the water pan.  If you inject your meat, additional water in a pan may not be necessary.  You just have to figure it out for yourself what aorks.


If you're doing Beer Can Chicken, place a pan under the chicken, and when the chicken drips juice, it will vaporize and baste your chicken. No water pan would be necessary.


Good Luck!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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The purpose of the water pan is more for temp control than flavoring or moisture

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