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Hello everyone,

I got a few pheasants from a friend of mine.Was wanting to smoke these.Any advice.I thought about injecting with butter and herbs,then wrapping in bacon.What do you think?

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I actually think I'd brine these first.  Pheasant is a dryer meat as it is wild and would for sure inject them if not brined.  I bet wrapped in bacon these would turn out awesome.  Make sure to do a q-view.  Good luck.

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2nd the brine idea. a blanket of bacon sounds good too. but i've had phesant and i'm leary that the bacon could overpower the taste of the bird.

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Did you ever try this? and how did it turn out. I have a few to try also.

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I agree with Rstr Hunter & Eman.

Only place we differ is I wouldn't worry about the Bacon overpowering the Pheasant.

The pheasant should be so lucky. (Can't help it---I just love Bacon that much!)


This might help you???





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