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N. Minnesota - Venison / Pork - Smoked Sticks w/ Q-View

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On Vacation to visit the family in N. Minnesota I got to get in some smoking with my father in law. We went with meat sticks. We took out a pork butt and 2 packages of venison scraps.

Pics from Minn 2010 069.JPG


Pics from Minn 2010 068.JPG


After trimming and cube both we ended up with just around 5 LB of each.

Ran it through the grinder with a 3/16" plate.

Pics from Minn 2010 072.JPG


Mixed in 1 cup of " The Sausage Maker " Dried Sausage Stick Seasoning with 2 tsp of Insta Cure #1 with about 2 cups of water. Added this mixture to the ground meat. Wrapped it up and set in fridge overnight.

Pics from Minn 2010 070.JPG

Next morning rinsed some sheep casings and stuffed them with the meat.

Pics from Minn 2010 087.JPG

We cut them into 22" long lengths and placed them on racks in the smoker

Pics from Minn 2010 088.JPG

Heated it up to 130 deg to dry for 1 hour then turned the heat up to 165 deg and added a pan of moistened hickory sawdust to smoke for 3 1/2 hours to an internal temp of 152 deg.

Pics from Minn 2010 089.JPG

We pulled them out and dropped them in an ice water bath to drop the temp down to 120 deg. Then put them on racks till dry. Wrapped them in freezer paper and in fridge for 24 hrs.

Pics from Minn 2010 099.JPG

They came out great nice smoky taste and good texture, next time will add a bit of cayenne pepper, for more heat. But all in all well worth the vacation time invested also love to hang with my father in law.

PS here's the view of the lake just off the deck of their house.

Pics from Minn 2010 076.JPG


Thanks for looking.

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Mmmm.. they look fantastic! I'm a sucker for good venison sticks.

Love the view too...

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looks / sounds like a perfect vacation to me!  Great job on the sticks.

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Has anyone heard of the The sausage Maker Co. Nice line of products and equipment and spices everything you need for sausage.


Also this book I was reading on vacation was very interesting if anyone is interested is available from this site. The author's name is Rytek Kutas, if you cant read it on the cover.


Pics from Minn 2010 041.JPG

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