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Smoked Bone in Butt, porks spare's and some homemade BBQ beans

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Have a 20 person catering gig tomorrow and doing some pre-cooking.  This group likes their pork! THey want Pulled Pork, Pork spare ribs and smoked BBQ beans with chopped rib tips...  Q-view in the first few hours...






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Is the stack on that brinkman completely closed down?

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Now That's Smokin'........

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DUDE!  That's WAY too much smoke!

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Originally Posted by raptor700 View Post

Now That's Smokin'........

what he said!


Open that exhaust and let that smoke out...Thin Blue Smoke

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The first 2 pictures are when I JUST put them in - lifting the barrel for the first time.  I usually keep the chimney 1/2 open because of all the other air leaks from having an older smoker...

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Cool.  We'd love to see how everything turned out.

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Sorry for the delayed post - By far the best ribs and pulled pork I have ever made! Was able to get the ribs a 5 hour smoking! The first couple of hours I like to cold smoke, heavy on the smoke since I was using Apple wood, graduate up the temp and steady the smoke.  12 hours on the Butts. Wrapped in aluminum pans and made them sweat at 260 degrees until they both hit 200 degrees internal.  Let them rest for 2 hours wrapped in the cooler and man o man...  Pulled them suckers into another tray adding back some of the rendered fat, apple juice and a spinkle of my 8 spice rub (on the spicy side) as well as some brown sugar on top.  Big hit! I got 3 more catering orders from it....  He are some pics before they were wrapped



RIB meat just starting to pull from the bone


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Nice man   Are those ribs drapped around the butts? How were the beans?

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I trimmed the train off the ribs, that is what you see by the butts.  I had them laid out when they were smoking but stacked them by the butt for the photo.  The beans turned out excellent! A good amount of fat rendering in them, and a good mixture of sweet/heat

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Great Job My Friend!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Never 2 much smoke, love it, U the man, smoke on brother    

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