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Spicy Baby Backs Q-view

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ive been holding out on all you guys.  been smoking like a champ and taking pictures but too lazy to resize and upload.


this smoke was a few weeks back, BBs were on sale again but i wanted to give them a kick this time.  needed to try something different than brown sugar rub and sweet baby rays.


rubbed with magic dust





on the ECB for an hour




i had to freeze them before i could smoke them, thats why i think the blood spot is there in the bottom half rack


this sauce was really good.  its not hot like hot sauce hot or anything but if you eat a full rack of ribs you will def. be feeling some punch. 




smoke ring




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YUMMo for sure. thoses are some really good looking ribs you have there Pimp Dog

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Ribs are looking good - you found my favorite sauce in the whole world - we add some redpepper flakes when we open the jar and it gives it a nice kick 


Good job man

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great looking ribs!

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Great pullback on the ribs.  Did you foil or not foil? 

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thanks everyone.  that sauce is good stuff.  i pretty much did a straight up 2-2-1 on these.  maybe a little too fall off the bone done but they were good.

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HMMMmmmmm, that looks really good!




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Those look great!  I've been wanting to try some ribs with a kick but so many people in our area prefer sweet... you've convinced me! I'm picking up my new UDS this weekend and ribs will probably be the first thing I do!


Thanks for posting!

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Bonesuckin Sauce is the best. Try the rub with them next time. Outstanding.

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