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Another rack of ribs, an experiment between straight smoke and 3-2-1, with plenty of Qview

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I have done 3-2-1 a couple of times and decided to try 6 hours of straight smoking, rather than that, to see which one my wife and I enjoyed better.  Anyhoo, here's the Qview of 6 hours straight smoke starting with how I bought 'em:




Boy do they fold 'em tight!.. when you open them, here's what's there:




Of course, now we need to prep them.  First take off the flap:




Now we cut them St. Louis style.....




Take off the membrane....




You see my rub there , between the lowest and second pieces.  I use the little strainer to apply the rib (like chefs do with powdered sugar on pastry.  Now go ahead and put the rub on this side:




Flip all pieces and rub again:




Wrap all pieces and into the fridge until it's time to smoke:




Now, into the GOSM at 210-240 with hickory.  By the way, I bought hickory split logs and cut them up on my table saw to make bigger chunks than what I have been able to buy so far.  Spritz about every hour and a half with 1/2 apple juice 1/2 Knob Creek Bourbon.  Here's the first spritz:




Second spritz:




3rd spritz, flip it, and spritz again:




Five hours in, just before the last spritz:




Take them out at 6 hours or so, wrap in foil and allow to rest for 20 minutes ( while the potatoes boil and get mashed). Ready to go!:




Serve 'em up with Jeff's Barbecue Sauce (mine, cause I'm a Jeff, too, not our main man!), mashed potatoes, and green salad.


Over all, my bride and I both decided we prefer the 3-2-1 method, but, hey, we had to try.  Thanks for looking, and Keep Smoking!



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What difference did you notice that made you decide you liked th 3-2-1 better?

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Mostly texture/tenderness.  We prefer the fall off the bone, really juicy, which comes from the foiling at the "2" section.  I wanted to see how they were with the "bite" of pure smoke.  I choose 3-2-1 for my ribs, but you certainly are welcome to go the other way!

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The last batch of 9 racks i did were unfoiled. I fed the crew at work . They had a great flavor but were not up to my standards. did not bite clean off the bone.

 Everyone said they were great and i got some of the best i ever ate comments . But i was not happy w/ them. Will foil again next time.

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I have tried both ways too.  I only foil  ribs so I thought maybe, but found the same as you.  They do look good though

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Great post, I too have been experimenting with ribs lately.

I prefer the 3 - 2 -1 method as well but usually keep temps between 220 to 235.


Recent test cook was kept at about 200 to 210 degrees and I shaved 10 minutes off the  - 2 - and the  - 1 - , they were pretty good and had a bit of tug but did not come off the clean.


My previous rib test was a modified - 3 - 2 - 1 - at about 220 degrees to 235 degrees shaving 20 minutes off the - 2 - and the - 1 - , these came off the bone clean with a tiny tug, where you bite into the rib and not the whole piece coming off in 1 huge chunk.


I was a little shocked that 20 to 25 degrees higher and less time produced the better my opinion anyway.

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