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Another attempt at Bacon

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Aloha All

 I thought I’d duplicate the Bacon I did several weeks ago.  I started with 5 lbs of pork belly like last time.  I divided them up into 4 pieces.  All 4 pieces got Rytek’s basic rub. After spending 10 days in the refrigerator curing I finally rinsed them off and on the two of the smaller pieces I took Bearcarver’s suggestion to  apply a rub of onion powder, garlic powder and coarse ground pepper.

Then into the smoker they all went.



The smoker’s temp was at 125 degrees all day (8 hours).  Thanks   Pineywood and Beacarver for confirming what I thought would be a safe temp to smoke the Bacon at.



Here they are getting ready to go into the refrigerator to firm up for slicing.  I'm looking forward to a BLT tomorrow..especially  one made with the Bacon  with the garlic /onion powder and CGP rub.


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Wow poi, that is some bacon to be seriously jealous of.  Hope it tastes as awesome as it looks!!!  thumbs up

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That's some fine looking bacon there loa makamaka!

Hana 'ia pono!

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Wow OPD - that is some great looking bacon Congrats man

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It looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great looking Bacon OPD !


We had BLTs tonight, BLTs last night, and BLTs about 4 times a week lately.


Remember the old saying, "You gotta make hay while the sun shines"?


Well here's a new one, "You gotta eat BLTs while the home grown tomatoes are in season!"----Because winter tomatoes shipped in from CA are lousy----picked green & gassed they tell me.




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Outstanding! I'm doing the bacon dance right now.

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Awesome looking bacon OPD! 

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Found the pics.....YUM!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I have some nice home grown tomato to go with it.  Sure looks great.

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Need I say more..........

That's siome great looking bacon there Poi.

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Thanks for the kind words all.  I tried some of the bacon that i rubbed garlic powder/ onion powder and coarse ground pepper....I like it !! 


I gave away one of the slabs of bacon to a good friend who has been kind enough to supply me with Macadamia nut logs for my smokes.  I kept one for myself. 

I think for the next Bacon, I am going to use the  recipe that Bearcarver has posted on his signature line.  Bear uses TQ as his curing agent and I am curious as to how the TQ and Instacure #1 differ in the flavor they impart on  Bacon. 

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