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Help with rf build

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Starting building my second smoker. I recently found out that i didnt have enough space on my 80 gallon smoker so i decided to go bigger with more shelves and space. Came up with using a old 265 gallon fuel oil tank built on a trailer. Making it a reverse flow. With many discussions duck killer 1 and his help and knowledge i decided to start this week.DSCN0503.JPG                      donor tank with the doors cut out.


outside frame of trailer getting squared and trued before welding.


latteral bars installed and welded.


Thats all for now will be working on adding axel and toungue tomarrow.

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A man on a mission!!   Looking forward to the build.....

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You should have plenty of room in that one.  Good luck and keep us posted.

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Spent some more time on the smoker today. I got the tongue welded on today along with the torsion bar axles.DSCN0511.JPG



Installed the tires only to find out the offset is wrong. Oh well just turned them around and look for other ones from cars we impound and never get picked up.DSCN0513.JPG


Will be adding the side rails tomarrow and possibly mounting the cook chamber to the trailer.

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Sweet.  You are goin to get some 22" spinners for your trailer :)  Looking good.

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Dont  know what size to use now. Tried 14" rims but they dont clear the spindle. Was trying to keep it lower to the ground.

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I was just messing with ya since ya said your getting them from a impound :)

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Got some more time to work on the smoker yesterday. DSCN0515.JPG



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lookin good! keep up the qview.  

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I agree, great looking build!!


This may be a dumb question and I know no one likes to do it but can you cut and re-weld the torsion spindles to make the current wheels work. I had visions of using one of these drums, making it reverse flow, and then building a rotisserie in the top section. I know this wont work for you since you are wanting more space but thought I would throw the idea out there for others that may try it.

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two reasons i cant use the wheels that are on it now. Is that i need to atleast 15 inch rims to clear the spindle and the other is that the offset on the wheel is to deep. I did find some other rims and tires from another car that will fit. not costing a dime because we are sending the car to junk. Good luck with your build, i think a rotissiore what be great benifit to have

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I'm using the same type tank for my trailer build. Looks like we have alot of the same ideas going. I'm looking forward to the extra space myself. You are moving along faster than me. looks great look forward to more pics.

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After the heat went done, i got some more time to work on my smoker. Had to cut the fire box down from a 150 gal air tank down to a 80 gal. Burned the two halves before mating them back together. Cut the frame on the trailer after finding out i need to drop the tank down to mate it to the cooking chamber. DSCN0525.JPG






Having problems fiquring out how to connect the fire box to the cook chamber? Any ideas i will gladly take.

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I have scene where guys have used several 4 or 6" pipe between the two.

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