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Just finished a small tenderloin using a recipe loosely based on one I saw Steve Raichlen use on a whole loin on his show.  Not sure of the weight of mine, I guess around 2 to 2.5 pounds.  Whiskey, brown sugar, dijon, and a homemade rub used on the inside after butterfly cut.  Tied together with string and bacon.  I indirect grilled this with hickory chunks on my Weber gold that just arrived, turned out great!  Please excuse my yard, it has been a project going for almost two years now, all I need is a lawn!DSC01309.JPGDSC01310.JPG



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I saw the same episode I think i'll try it too. Looks great ! ! As for the back yard the retaining wall looks great, How about some nice pavers maybe a cobble stone meandering walk with a little grass on both sides. Can you tell I work for a paver manufacturer. Good luck with it and happy smoking!    

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Nice lookin smoke       the WEBER strikes again ;-)

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Yes the tenderloin look wondewrful and tastey too.

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Great looking tenderloin! Is that a damascus blade knife I see?

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Thanks for your positive comments!  Damascus blade---I wish.  Funny how that pic made it look that way, must be from the juicy tenderloin.



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