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Spring Closures **Where to find??**

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I am looking for some Spring Clamp Closures to keep my smoker doors closed tight.  Any ideas where I can find some, or recommend a good quality one?



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Try this one they also have thermometers for it 

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Thanks for the reply.  I bought the handles already,  looking for the clamps with springs in them that will keep the doors shut tight. 

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Ballagh, not knowing the type of unit you have ,I can't suggest anything special. However,if you could get some 'Stove Rope' (the flat kind), and high temp adhesive and attach it to the edge of the leaking door rim,all the way around.If it's just a gap between the door and body,this should do well...

Hope this helps,and if I missunderstood your question,post a picture so some one on here can help.There's a lot of good help around here, we just need to 'SEE' the problem.

So,have fun and,

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The ones like matt has on his smoker.  the red handled spring clamp closures.  here is a link to his beautiful build 

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I'm a bit late dont know if you found the item you were looking for its not really a spring its called a toggle clamp its a fixed clamp that hold downward pressure you can find them on Ebay they cost around5 dollars hope this helps you also Harbor Freight carry them

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I did find them at Harbor Freight.  THanks for the heads up though Beagle.

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