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I built this cover for my pizza oven, and will extend off to the left to cover the smoker/BBQ when it's built. Gotta love and outdoor kitchen in the rain ;)


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So badass, well done.

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Remember these put out carbon monoxide and can be a hazard if enclosed. Allow plenty of ventilation.

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That's a great point, thanks I will

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update on my project....during the excavation my wife decided to trim my plans, and I wound up with this the large pavers were there as a rough guide, her decision was to add a wood deck onto the end where the wheelbarrow is shown.


At this stage, I was pretty happy, and waiting for a warm day to mortar the 16x8 pieces I used as wall caps.


Beloved wife then decides the patio looks so good why not go out to the original dimensions, so tear up 3 feet, move end wall and get more stone.


Here's where I am today.... more pavers on order still need a warm spell to mortar the caps, and of course the roof/over hang 


I will post more as progress allows.... 

I will have a nice little 6x9 covered grill/BBQ station.... plus room to prep, and entertain

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Did you  use footings?

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Don't know if ya'll run into this in Florida due to humidity, but here in West Texas those gazebos with the fabric tops like HD & Lowes sells for back yards, seem to have the tops deteriorate in year or two due the UV rays & wind. Not talking about the popups but the ones made to stay out year round, take a day longer to put together than the instructions say, & always have a couple of bolts or nuts missing from the package....
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ok, so this is how far I'm going, until spring brings some warm days. It makes a nice Pergola, and there will be a roof, once it warms up. I got my 'big honking Grill" my Masterbuilt dual pro, and my sucast cabinet for my supplies. I borrowed a chair to see how it fit, ad after 3 or so, this one works well, so I'll be getting another, for my own use. The suncast cabinet doubles as a work station/prep area, and I have moved it 90 degrees, so it sits next to the BHG.


Patio building 101.  first squared the area, then dug a 4-6" deep trench. filled trench with ABC stone, and tamped the living heck out of it. then added ABC (some call it crush & run) to get the base level. Followed by the wall blacks available  at home depot/lowes to the desired height. filled the space between the walls with more ABC, and tamped it tight. A thin course of dry screening, to get everything up to the final subgrade, then tamp, and place the patio pavers. Shop around, don't buy the cheap stuff at the big box store, get at least 2 inch thick pavers...


I could have done this project much quicker, but I'm old, retired, and we've had a lot of rain.... and I was alone... a couple of six packs, a few wheel barrows, and friends who will work for beer/BBQ..... you could do this in a week end... maybe two

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Good job. Will be nice.

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Nicely done.

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since you'll be breaking this down to store it I'd rip the 2x4s into 2x2s & use 1/4" plywood to keep the weight down. connect the inside corners with hinges. replace the hinge pins with slightly smaller diameter metal rods that are twice the length of the hinges. bend the rods 90* to make handles. you'll now have something to get a hold of & the looser fit will make them easy to get in & out of the hinges. I've built props for displays in home shows & for theatres. this will make it easy peasy to assemble & break down

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You can use four of those green fencing posts from Lowes and pound then in in the ground and then screw some 2x4s to them to secure the plywood..
You wouldn't have to worry about the wind too much..

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I built this in a corner of our garage and vented through the roof. Now there is now wind or weather that affects my Bradley Smoker. Plus there is an access door from the house to the garage so I don't have to go out in the weather either. I located in the northwest corner of Indiana and in the winter we get a lot of lake effect snow. So far it's worked great.

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I rigged a beach umbrella by Velcroing it to the deck railing. That keeps rain from going down the vent. My husband made a sort of shelter out of rigid insulation. He made it in separate panels Velcro'd together to make it easier to store flat. We used it on Christmas here in Missouri with the temps in the low 40's and it worked beautifully.


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porch for severe weather, use the electric, else use the lang in good weather

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I'm going to guess that when your fiance tastes what comes out of your smoker, the allowance will grow exponentially. :30:  Good luck, and welcome!!

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There's a lot of options from wallyworld. Also as others have said, you can DIY something similar or buy stuff dirt cheap off craigslist or DIY using other stuff off craigslist. I intend to cover my back deck using 3" or 4" PVC made to look like bamboo (Google it, easy to do and looks awesome) and some sort of sun and or rain cover on top.
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