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Party Gator

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Anyone have experience with Gator Pits?


I live in AZ but am out in Houston on business and stopped by the Gator Pit shop and I am very close to pulling the trigger and buying the Party Gator. 20X40 chamber made from 1/4 inch metal. This thing is a tank. Couple concerns - The cost, The shipping and the lack of much ability to bring it back if there is any problems.


I just want to do some research before I spend 1500 bucks on a smoker....Please respond with any input. Thanks everyone.


Also this will be the first horizontal smoker I purchase. I have ECB smoker and a bbq dual chamber that I smoke ribs on.

My intentions were to buy the Oklahoma Joe at Academy and have it shipped but stumbled across Gator Pits...obviously two different price point...

Thanks everyone!

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Gator pits is often recommended, as is Yoder, Klose, etc. 



The OK is 14g steel, right?

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