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Now that's a smoke house. Nice elkmaster.

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Awesome smoker!  Now using it will be the fun part!

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I've put about 1400 lbs of meat thru it sence I made it last fall.

 its just a few shades darker on the oak interior

and it smells so good.

Tthe fire /smoke is fed up thru the floor in the picture, I have a whiite bag stuffed in it

the fire box is below down over the hillside about 12'-0 away.

yep she's a smoker.  

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This is great...

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can you send me instructions on how to make that box smoker i think its like post 16

the one that is like a small stove, it looks like one bichen cold smoker

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Guys,  The pics are fantastic!  I have a couple of questions about the barrel smokers...  What are the valves for on the bottom?  Are there any directions on line that can explain how to build one of these?  Does a standard weber grill cover fit a standard drum?  It looks that way???  Any help would be appreciated...

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2010 021.jpg

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This is a nice postimagesCA2L1DPB.jpg

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Finished Outside


Interior with expanded metal shelves

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wow that looks like it gets the job done.

allmost smell it.

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we need to get together and each build a smoker to sell and all the procedes go to a worthy cause,

your guys ideas are trully works of art.


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Here's mine!!! A lot of work!!





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Now that's cool!!

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All fantastic smokers. Now I really feel like an incompetent. Meh, who knows what the future holds.

Think of what smoker could be built using a little of all the smokers on here, Minga!


What a cool thread.

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Wow, you're not kiddin "alot of work"!

My woodworking skills are not limited but my metal work is reduced to bending some sheet metal and running some short beads on 1/4" plate.

I love this thread!

Alot of awesome craftsmanship here.

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kinda crude but it works!

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Is that just all wood? Is there any metal in there at all (other than the latch clamps, handles and hinges that is)?

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