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Third Try.... so far

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First I would like to thank everyone for all the great information that goes back and forth.  I have definitely learned a lot!  Well, I have smoked some St. Louis style ribs for my third use of the Brinkmann smoker my son gave to me for my birthday.  I should have been doing this ages ago.   Picked the ribs up at Target for $1.29/pound


My son came up with a rub that not only smelled great it tasted great by itself... just a pinch though.  After removing the membrane from the back side, he and I rubbed down the ribs.  IMG_8781.JPG





We kneaded the rub into the meat and let it get to room temp while the smoker was getting it's temp up.  (I have all the pics on my profile under my default album... when you get a moment you might check them out there) 


I then placed them into my Brinkmann Smoker, don't have a thermometer as I use the one that's on the outside of smoker... works good I think.  I smoked the ribs for just over two hours and this is what they looked like when I opened the lid....



Still not done, but getting there.... I wrapped them in foil (Reynolds works for me) 



Placed them back in the smoker for another hour....



After an hour, I unwrapped them, the aroma was fantastic and I could see that they were going to be nice and moist....



I took them out of the foil and put them back into the smoker for their final smoking.....



This is what they looked like when they were finished and on the tray... Lots of foil... I don't like washing dishes....The ones on the left don't have sauce on them (my sons prefer them that way).  The ones on the left do. 



I still need lots of practice on getting them just right.  Next I need to get a thermometer so that I can adjust accordingly.  I really want to get a good smoke ring... It's decent on these but not highly pronounced.  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. 


My son took some for lunch the next day and of course he gave a couple of his co-workers a sample.  They asked where he bought them as they were better than anything they had before.  Well, to say I got a shot to my ego is an understatement.  Now I am watching for when ribs go on sale again, even have an extra fridge in the garage to hold more meat!! 


I am off, thanks for everything and....


Happy Smoking!!!

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First and foremost, welcome to SMF!!!


It seems you're off to a good start... I'm new to the forums myself but I've met some of the biggest smoke enthusiasts here who are always willing to help out and share some great tips... Just keep in mind, practice has never tasted so good!!! Thanks for the Qview!!!  

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Looks like you are getting things figured out. Great looking ribs.

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nice looking ribs, im also a saucer... dont like them dry that much.


i have the same smoker but i also have a digital thermometer to measure temps better.  if you were ever wondering, when the needle of the thermometer is on the "i" in ideal you are at 225-230 on the top grate. 

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Welcome aboard...and great first Qview!  You look like you have a great jump on finding that sweet spot you're looking for.  Just keep tweaking your process and making adjustments to dial in what "you're" looking for.  Great price on those spares!

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Welcome to SMF!

 As for ribs ,don't worry about a smoke ring. Your ribs look done and tasty.

 Check out the 3 2 1 method .

 Ribs are one of the few things that aren't cooked to temprature.

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Thank you all!  I have been out on vacation and am just now returning.... great information and thanks for the compliments and tips!!  '


Y'all have a great one!!

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