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Lobster boil. Fans of melted butter welcome :-) - Page 2

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2 words!! im so jealous!!

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Shhaker, I couldn't have said it better my self.

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I can`t even imagine doing that....Man you are in heaven....Great job and have one for me...Here`s to you !!!!!!!!!!!

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Don't you know it is against the Geneva Convention to torture others with pictures of lobster like that! Damn that looks good!

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Thanks everyone. It was delicious. I guess I take it for granted since lobsters are no big deal to us here. Were going to do it again in August with probably 25 lobsters.

For those of you in a part of the country where you're not able to get your own live, fresh ones, I've used this guy to send lobsters to family in San Jose, CA and they were awesome. Overnight shipping of live 4 pound lobsters to my cousin and she was thrilled. I wouldn't hesitate to order from here again. They have chowder and complete New England clambake packages too. Check out his stuff.

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Here in Central Cal, we pay 12.99 regular price, 8.99 to 9.99 on sale. And those aren't just hours off the boat.  And they aren't Maine lobsters either.  LOL


Nice looking feed.  We are close to the home of the tri tip.  Could we make a trade?

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this is 'bout the only time i envy you east coasters..................and i do envy.



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that looks like a tasty treat!!!!

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I grew up in NH, and really miss the fresh seafood.  Fried and steamed clams in particular.  Even the New England style hot dog buns can't be had in Iowa. 


There is a reason they call this area of the country the "Fly over"...

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OMG that looks good wow i would have overdosed on those for sure lol

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