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Full pots and calm seas.

 RIP Capt. Phil!

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Phil was the man. RIP Capt.Harris. I'll have to smoke a plate in your honor.

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I have to watch that episode tonight. He was always one of my favorites on that show. Sad to see his one son is all messed up on his addiction. RIP Capt Phil Harris you will me missed!

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What happened to Phil?  I kind of lost track of the show.

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He had a stroke while out crabbing. They got him to Dutch Habour then flew him to Ancorage . That was all that was on the show. I guess he passed away in the Ancorage Hospital. Great Guy. Great show. I will miss him.


RIP Capt.

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that has been quite a while ago already... i  remember on the news sayin he admitted to the hospital and things looking grim. then the next thing i heard is things were looking pretty good for him. then next thing i heard he had passed away.

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In his honor and memory, we should all go out and smoke some crab legs.  He dedicated his life so that we could have crab, it's the least we could do.

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CPT Phil passed away February 10th this year after suffering a major stroke January 29 at the young age of 53.  He was one of my favorites on the show.  Hear so much about younger folks dealing with strokes these days.  Have a nieces husband only in his 40s recovery from a stroke.  





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RIP Capt. Phil.       

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