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Here I Go Again: Oriental Fatty!!!

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I've been thinkin again... LOL and here you guys thought I was smokin something. 

I'm goin with an oriental fatty tomorrow, Wednesday.


The ingredients I have planned are:

Inside the fatty:

Stir Fry Tomato & Basil Noodles

Bamboo Shoots

Water Chestnuts

A little  Soy Sauce sprinkled inside


After it's finished:

Sprinkle Chow Meil noodles on top

and on each individual piece cut.


Dip each bite into Sweet & Sour sauce.


Well?  Think it'll go?  Sound mouth watering to me.






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I can only offer my expert opinion after tasting the delicious morsel you just described.  I will be waiting for a FedEx package sometime after the completion of said fattie w/qview, of course.  Then I will let you know. 




It sounds good to me so far.  I say, Go For It!!

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I'm waiting on that Q VIEW!

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Smooth Buddy! Just sound frickin smooth. Ya knowabout the pic rules.

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Silver just keep pushing that bar higher....Sounds great...

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One of the best fatties I have ever smoked was a Chinese buffet stuffed fatty. I love all that stuff and its even better stuffed in a fatty!

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Smokin sushi!


Sounds great Ray!!

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Sounds good!


You'll never know until you try it.

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Sounds great Ray!


Nothing is safe from a Silverwolf Fatty Attack!




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