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New MES 40

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Well, after having my Royal Oak Electric smoker go out, I went out this morning

to SAM's and got a MES 40.  Price was $299, but it had a small dent on the back, and 

I asked for a discount.  They sold it for $265, so I think I got a pretty good deal.

We are camping on the lake all next week, so I will have some time to break it in.


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You Lucky Dog!


Take your camera with you!


And have a great time camping---And eating!




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Congrats on the new smoker!!

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You are going to love it, I guarantee it...

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Nice score dmcfarlan,


MES,  "Making it Easy to Smoke meat

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Nice purchase ,

 There are a bunch of MES users here so any ??? just ask.

 You will enjoy that unit.

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Wow what a find. Love getting deals like that. 

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Yea, MES rocks. They just make it too darn easy!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Yea, MES rocks. They just make it too darn easy!

Agreed, Al. And the quality of the unit is really nice. 

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I love my MES40


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Great deal on the MES! Hope I can get a deal like that when I'm ready to upgrade. Bring on the QView!
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