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Brisket for the 4th

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Started off hot - REAL hot! Opened door on the ol' Smoke King and let er cool down, still running hot 1 hour in... gonna let it cool down to 190 before I do anything else to it.. 


01:15 :::  254º

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Me too!  Put on a brisket around 4:30am, fell asleep and went to check on it a little after 6.  Smoker was at 325!!!  Opened the door and let it cool down, also closed the air intake some more.  Now chugging along at 250.  I think I caught it before it cooked at that high temp too long.  We'll see!

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The smoke ring will tell the high temp story

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Here is the brisket after 14.5 hours in smoker, and 4 hours rest - still piping hot!



Here is the tip, cubed for easy grubbin' - 



Here is the flat, sliced for tender beefy goodness...




All in all it was a good smoke - I forgot the stamina required to do a full brisket - but the product is always worth it!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th. 


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Only see red X's........

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Originally Posted by Barneypoo69 View Post

Only see red X's........

I not even seeing that. Just computer jargon.

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Looks like your pic links are on a secure site.  With the new forum, the easy way is to upload them directly to the site.

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I know what you are talking about I have been looking for a good photo site now for alittle while. Photobucket has given me a virus one time and alot of folks blamed it on the new changes that we here have gone thur lately. As far as I know you can post new photos straight from your computer now. So give it a shot anf you don't have to worry about sizing them either.

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Fixed the photos.

Much easier than hosting to P.Bucket or whatever site... 


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