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my july 4th meat is ready about 50 lbs!!

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got a lot of company coming in for the fourth and they are all expecting some q so i gotta make sure everyone is happy

15 lbs of brisket

21 lbs of pork shoulder

10 lbs of ribs

50 hot dogs

the first of the many salads and sides  pasta salad



july 4th 001.jpg


july 4th 002.jpg


july 4th 003.jpg


july 4th 004.jpg


july 4th 005.jpg


july 4th 006.jpg


thats the start of a long weekend  ill post many more pics as  the days pass

thanks for watching how we celebrate our awesome countrys independance day here in Miami!

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Nice spread you've got there -- that's gonna be awesome!!


I just did a test smoke on a couple of dogs and a brat to see how long it would take and how it will taste.  Pretty dang good stuff!


Looking forward to the rest of the pics!

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Looks like its gonna be a good weekend around your place!!!!!!!!!

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got at least 50 coming by    starting saturday and ending monday  got more fireworks than the kids can light

got one brother coming from ga and one coming from titusville hope noone ends up in jail

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I think you'll need a nap somewhere in between! Qview,Qview,Qview,

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 My name is John and I'm new to the board. But I just had to say it looks like a great time will be had at your place. That pork shoulder looks awesome. I have ruined a few briskets in the smoker. (would be easier to chew on my shoe) but the pork shoulder comes out good. My daughter likes it the next day we make BBQ spaghetti with the leftovers. Anyway have a great time and good eating.


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Wow... and I thought I had plans!


Looks like you're off to a good start.


I've got 8 racks of ribs thawing right now and a 15Lb turkey in the bullpin. Going to rub up the ribs tonight, smoke them tomorrow. Then toss the turkey in some brine and get it going Sunday morning. We have about 45 people we're cooking for. The other cook's doing a brisket, sausage and a pork butt. Should be a good Q.

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Man oh Man there Rick it looks like you have room for one more. I'm on my way and that's a left at the mickey world thingy then go straight down till you hit water and then back up 5 paces. and turn right. Hold the food for me now.

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Looks like a good (and tiring) weekend! lol

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Wow it all looks great with the exception of that coozie 

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come on down your welcome to stop in,  just bring your bathing suit we will be in the water all day

got up at 6 this morning and got most of the meat loaded in the smoker  hopefully it will all be ready by 10:00 tonight then i can throw it in the fridge and just pop it in the smoker tomorrow to warm it up


happy fourth everyone!!!

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Looks for an excellent day, Rick! Happy smokes to ya and hope to see some more pics!

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A lot of peeps are gonna be eatin' real good real soon!!!



Thanks for sharing,


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heres a shot of the smoker loaded up    if you look close i think it is smiling!


thats our fireworks for tomorrowjuly 4th 007.jpg



july 4th 008.jpg

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Lookin' good there Rick!


Be careful with the fireworks!




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Thats a ton of food, heck i can be there in a few hours lol. is your house painted gators blue? am i seeing that right? Thats a fan

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Looking great Rick, gotta nice load in the GOSM!  Figuring Miami is about 11 hours so I'm with panemonium, I could be there by 10 p.m. for the after smoke party! LOL  Enjoy and keep the smoke & Qview rolling.

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I seer oom on them top 2 racks for at least 4 more racks of ribs.

 That right there is a load of meat. looks good .

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been a good day heres some updated shots

ribs are pulled but pork and brisket still need a little more time


july 4th 010.jpg


july 4th 011.jpg


july 4th 012.jpg


july 4th 013.jpg


maybe one more hour then i can slice the brisket and pull the pork

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we had a great day with a lot of food, but nothing is left over today except some potatoe salad and s\a few deviled eggs

everyone had a fun time



july 4th 022.jpg


july 4th 024.jpg


july 4th 025.jpg


july 4th 026.jpg


july 4th 030.jpg








july 4th 036.jpgjuly 4th 037.jpgjuly 4th 032.jpg

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