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First Brisket With The AMNS In The MES

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Picked up a 13.94 lb brisket from a local meat store.  The ones I've gotten there in the past have been IBP select, this one just says Excel and Angus.  It was $2.39/lb so $33.32.


I decided to trim and separate it, I don't think it would have fit in the MES if I hadn't.  I finally got a scale a while back so I wanted to see how much I actually trimmed.  I tried to leave some of the cap and just trim the thick chunks.  I trimmed 4lb, 5oz of fat.  The trimmed flat is 5lb, 5oz and the point is 4lb, 2oz.


I'm smoking at 230* using a mixture of cherry and apple in the AMNS and lighting both ends.  I'm trying a method that worked well for me one other time.  I made foil pans just barely bigger than the brisket to hold the juices.  I also put the trimmed fat on the racks above the pieces and will flip and rotate them every hour to even up for hotspots, etc.  I'll foil them at 4 hours or so, then unfoil at about 180* and take to 195ish.  Rubbed with McCormick Steak Rub and a friend's recipe.




brisket label.jpg


trimmed fat.jpg


trimmed flat.jpg


trimmed point.jpg




rubbed flat.jpg


rubbed point.jpg


mes loaded.jpg







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Don't forget to post finished pics!  Looks good so far.

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Please keep posting this !!


This is gonna be a beauty!


 One question----isn't that removing too much fat?




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I've trimmed some even more than this one.  My flat probably ends up a little dryer but I absolutely love the point when I trim it.  I think more of the marbling renders down and it turns out fairly lean and juicy. 


Between the fat dripping on them and flipping them most of my rub was gone after 4 hours on the foil.  They were completely wet the first 4 hrs.  At 4 hrs I took them off the foil, added some new rub, and put them directly on the racks.  I was going to foil wrap but decided to try it this way.  Just did the 1st flip on the rack at 5 hrs, haven't measured any temp yet.  Since I didn't foil I decided to throw some more smoke at it too, loaded half of the AMNS with maple.


point at 5 hrs.jpg



flat at 5 hrs.jpg

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Just under 8 hrs the point was showing 199 +/- 2* and even more importantly passed the probe test.  I've only let a brisket rest one time, I'm generally too impatient and want to taste it.  The point is in the top 2 or 3 I've ever done.  The flat is a little over 190, I'm thinking it will need another hour or so based on it still being pretty firm with the probe.


point at 8 hrs.jpg


point sliced 1.jpg


point sliced 2.jpg

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The flat got to 200 in about 45 minutes, and passed the probe test.  It's a little on the dry side but not bad.  Flavor is great and the bark is awesome.  I think my next one I'll try this same method but inject to see if I can gain some moisture.  Maybe burn a piece of charcoal or two to see if I can get some smoke ring.  I've had some good briskets started on charcoal and finishing in the MES but this is definitely the best one I've done completely in the MES.


flat at 9 hrs.jpg


flat sliced 1.jpg


flat sliced 2.jpg





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Your brisket does look a little dry but then you knew that. Personally I dont like to trim mine that close but them I like the fat connected to the meat instead of over it. But's that me

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looks good, but just a suggestion, i always leave about a 1/4 inch of fat on the brisket.  As the fat melts down, i think it helps to keep the brisket nice and juicy.  But hey great job, and I bet it tasted good to.

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The pics are of the not fat cap sides.  Both pieces had more fat on the other side.  Trimmed some but not completely.

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