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Digital Remote Smoker Thermometer - $30 (Olathe)

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Another CL find.  The seller tells me it is an ET-73 dual probe

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Not to rain on your post but you should be able to get a brand new one at at a good price.

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When I got mine a couple months ago the best I could find was just around $40 before s/h ($40.54 to be exact).  Now the ET-7s go for around $30?  I'd bet if someone offered $20-$25 he'd probably take it, maybe.


The only one I see on is $49.99 before s/h.

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I sent him an offer, so we'll see.  Thanks for the heads up.

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I paid 34 + shipping, and it is brand new out of the box, but to each his own. Out of the box mine has almost no range.

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Rio, where did you find it for that price? 

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I got mine off of craigs list. I had added them to my cart some time ago but never bought it. I got an e-mail that the price was reduced to 34.00 so i bought two.

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