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First Smoked Chicken, Qview

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I love chicken.. and I love smoked chicken..   So, is smoked chicken technically BBQ?


Gave smoking chicken my first attempt. Used tips brine and brined overnight. Tried two kinds of rubs, 1 was a sweet basil rub and the other was a bbq style red rub. Both came out amazing! I've enjoyed the chicken for a week! can't wait to make more! Slow and low for about 6 hours. Did some ABT's too.. but they were gone by the time I took this picture! :o)



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Smoke chicken wouldn't be bbq, because? 

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Looks great to me!  I can't wait to try the whole chickens.

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looks alot better than my first chicken, or my 2nd, 3rd, or 4th for that matter.


Good job

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they look perfect

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Those look d'lish .... when's dinner? 

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Chicken is my favorite. I have been smoking chicken's since I was old enough to catch them, or young enough...Hmmmm time sure flies!


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Rite fine lookin birds there!

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