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There is a chain around this area called Papa Murphey's.  All they have is take and bake style pies.  While it may be considered cheating, I've had great luck cooking their pies on our charcoal grill. 





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edit: double post, my bad

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When you say "crispy/crunchy", how crisp?  Like it crumbles crisp?  I live in NJ and I know a lot of people love the NYC style where you have to hold the pizza up with two hands as the dough is really soft but I am originally from Chicago where most thin crust is cooked crisp enough so you can hold it with one hand.  If you have an answer to get it just crisp enough (not actually crumbling when you bite, your onto something I need to try.  I so miss that pizza, and Chicago style hot dogs.

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I spent an awful lot of my youth making pizzas at Round Table, but I never thought about smoking one until hanging around this forum.  Made the dough last night, sauce this morning.  Italian sausage, bacon, red onion, red pepper, and artichoke hearts.




Got to use some Mountain Mahogany a friend brought me from the eastern Sierras.  Baked the pie in the smoker at 300* for about 2 hours.




The result was really tasty.  A few things to note on the learning curve.  Most pizzas are baked around 425* rather than below 300*.  I baked until the crust was GB&D (golden brown); however, that made the crust a little too crispy/crunchy for our taste.  Will take out at light brown next go around.  Will also be courageous and smoke it lower and slower (around 250*).


I also will probably use a different yeast (I used a fast yeast); I will go with a more traditional bread yeast and the longer lead time for the crust in the future. 


All that said, my family is more than willing to patiently test my efforts until I perfect this particular smoked item.  (BTW, the pizza did not last long.) 


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We grill pizza all the time on the Weber kettle with a pizza stone & mesquite chips on the coals. I will have to try smoking one now to see the difference.

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We grill pizza all the time on the Weber kettle with a pizza stone & mesquite chips on the coals. I will have to try smoking one now to see the difference.

I have like 3 pizza stones and would have never put one on the grill thanks Al great looking pizza's everyone. And you know I have to try this now lol

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Those pizzas look amazing! I recently started making my own dough, next step is to get a pizza oven! 



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I have been told that I make some of the most amazing pizzas people have had.

I may not feel that confident about them myself, but they are damn good. lol


I cook them in my oven on a stone, but I take the time to cold smoke the dough before I toss it which does ad some good flavor to it. 

However, I will say it is 90% eqipment.

First off, I have a jam up gas oven that heats evenly.

Second is having a propper stone to cook it on and with plenty of research the fibrament-d was the one people recommended and the price was very reasonable.


They make multiple sizes and even ones that can take direct flames from a grill.


Here is the web site


Give them a try, you wont regret it.

Just make sure that if you are cooking them on the Q, you get the one made for the Q.




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Guys, the pizzas look crazy.  Great idea grilling the Papa Murphy's.  I will have to try it.  

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I am  Hog for Pizza and yours looks just that good....

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These pizza's look great and tasty!  Ty for the pics on all of them.  I have never tried to grill or smoke a pizza, but looking at how tasty those pictures are, I will try one of my own soon!









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I want to try a pizza on my drum real bad now

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Looks good i will have to try  this.Sam's take and bake to practice on.

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I was really surprised to see and old post of mine resurrected! Lots of great input to improve my methodology! I like the stone idea -- maybe even pre-heated int the smoker. I also love the Papa Murphy's idea because we frequent that joint as well. Thanks everyone!
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I've grilled pizza before.  Having just got a smoker, I gotta try this.  BTW, all of those look good.

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I haven't done it in a while but what we like is sourdough pizza done in a smoker.  I got a heavy offset smoker ,[ Patio Queen] that I built outta HEAVY scrap iron . and crank it up to about 425-450 deg.   Delicious..    Worst thing about it is my grand daughter threw ouy my sourdough starter..

I got too much time in her to lynch her now...icon_evil.gif   Hemi..

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This is my last attempt.









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