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UDS burgers

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Brought home some ground beef lastnight and had no clue what I was gonna make for dinner. Then I remembered that the UDS has leftover coals in it from last weekend!! So I tried smoked burgers ( kinda ).


2.25.lbs ground beef

1 egg

2 tbls A-1 cracked pepper flavor

shake or 2 of garlic salt

pinch of cayenne powder


Mixed well and made 6 burgers


Lit the UDS and got it nice and hot, put lid on with all valves open ( basket at the bottom where it normally sits, grate in top location )


10 min later I took the burgers out and tossed em on the UDS and put lid back on

and let cook 15 mins before turning and then repeat the cooking on other side.


After 30 min in the UDS I took the lid off and let the coals go crazy hot and finished up the burgers in a grilling fashion.


Best burgers I've had in a long time. Nice and juicey with a good smoke flavor.


Sorry no qview, I was hungry and ate em up quick with a lil help from the wife!  I will say that the burgers didn't come off all dark brown to black like when I cook on a normal grill, but then again the fire was way down in the bottom of the barrel.

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Never Happened      I'm still kinda new at this, But even I know better. LOL

Sorry, couldn't resist.

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ah well I knew someone was gonna pull the trigger on that one

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UDS burgers are absolutely awesome, filled with flavor and incredibly juicy, it's the only way my family likes to eat them. Just a hint that has worked for me in the past, when you're mixing everything up ad 2tbsp of cold water into the mix, helps keep everything coming off juicy!!!

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Thanx HellJack, I'll try that, I have a feeling we are gonna do this again this weekend when my son is over.


Maybe I'll even get that qview the next time!

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Lugnutz, I hear ya, grilled anything on the UDS is the bomb.

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Wife says I can't make burgers on the other grill anymore! Said I better stick to the UDS


Gonna give it another try tomorrow and I'll try to save some for a qview

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Sounds delicious Lug, I think I may try the same thing this weekend if I can avoid from getting called into work. I only managed 35 hours OT since last sunday morning. I really want to stay home and play this weekend.


Are your temps running any better now since you made a few adjustments?

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yeah Tom they are, still up and down but not so extreme, when it decides to climb it does it slowly so I can catch it and make adjustments.  think I'll hang out in the lawnchair and kinda work with it a lil more during my next long smoke ( July 4th butt )

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Now you can't do the burgers on anything but the UDS. I'm sure that doesn't hurt your feelings.

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Ok did this as a repeat on Sat and it wasn't as good as the originals, but..still good!  I think there were 2 issues at hand, first the burger was not as good as I get at my local store, and I didn't repeat EXACTLY the cooking method I used before.  First time I got coals started without lid then put lid on with all valves opened, second time I left lid off while I made burgers and just tossed em on then put the lid on..TOO MUCH HEAT!  On the second run after 15 minutes the burgers shrank to hockey pucks where the first round burgers remained bread size thru out the cook. 


and now.....QVIEW ( still miss the highlighted keywords )

smoker 034.jpg


smoker 040.jpg


smoker 039.jpg


Kid tested, Kid approved


smoker 032.jpg












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