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First Turkey Breast In The MES

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I've done turkeys and breasts on the ECB but this is my first one on the MES.  I used an Alton Brown brine recipe I found here (honey, soy sauce, salt, apple juice) and brined it for about 18 hours.  Might end up being a little long for a 7lb breast but we'll see.  This is the first brine I've ever done so I'm excited to see how it turns out.  Had it in the MES for about 3 hours now at 275 and it's already showing 179*.  I 'm one of those people that usually overcooks his poultry rather than have any chance of it being underdone.  It was extremely juicy when I pulled the probe to check another spot so I think I'll be fine there.  I think I'm going to give it another 30 minutes or so and go more by how the outside looks.  I didn't take any before pics but I'll take some when I pull it and slice it.

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Looking forward to the pics.  I have a MES, too, and have been wanting to try a turkey.  My only concern is that it won't get hot enough to crisp the skin, but I guess that I could stick it under the broiler for a couple of minutes to achieve that.


I will definitely brine mine, and I'm anxious to hear about how yours comes out.

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I pulled it at 4 hrs and it was reading around 180 +/- 2*.  Some of the outer areas had pretty strong flavor but not too much.  I'm pretty happy with the brine time.  Juicy everywhere except some of the thinner areas.  The skin was still soft so it went to waste.  I think I'll move to the oven at 160 or so next time to try and crisp it up some.


I'd say it's the best turkey I've ever smoked.  Tough call compared to deep frying.






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Nice! Turkey is next on my poultry list. Did a couple whole chickens and if the turkey comes out half as good as the chickens i'll be pleased.

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Forgot to add that it was a Jennie-O frozen, 7.22lbs at $1.42/lb, $10.25.  It's just me eating it so getting 4 or 5 meals out of it is a pretty good deal.


And smoked with hickory..

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Looks great, Ryan!  Was it dry at all?

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