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Another First Fatty...

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Nephew/Smoking Apprentice Dakota and I decided we needed to try a fatty. Here is what we came up with.


We used ground turkey rather than sausage. For stuffing, red bell pepper, onion, potato, Italian five cheese mix. After laying out the turkey, I coated it with some pure maple syrup and a light dusting of rub. Dakota did the bacon weave after checking out Silverwolf's tutorial. We brought it to IT of 165. The bacon was done, but just this side of crisp, which is perfect for us.


Here's everything laid out


Ready to roll


Rolled and ready for the bacon




Dakota's first attempt at the weave




Ready for the smoker




On the ECB


Ready to serve




Oh, we did have a "learning experience" when rolling into the bacon. We decided to fry that up for a sneak peak at what it would taste like...  Oh boy, we could hardly wait for it to be done.




Also, we used some hickory for smoke. I think next time, less hickory and add some maple. The maple syrup gave a hint of sweet which gave this an incredible taste.


Thanx for looking!

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Congrats on what looks like a tasty treat. Glad to know that you're passing on some great information to another smoking hopeful. The flavors sound like they were very compatible, Thumbs up to the both of you.

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nice pics. looks great

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very nice fattie, well done

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Yes that's one fine looking fattie maybe alittle different but a good idea thou. I'm thinking that the fattie is like a welcoming prize of joining for most folks have never heard of one till they come in here.

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