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Pulled Pork, Baby Backs and Brisket

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Here is my Memorial Day contribution!


I tried marinating my Butt and Brisket this time instead of injecting it. I figured if i didnt poke holes in it it might be a little juicier.... not that i ever cook anything dry, but i wanted to try it out anyways. I marinated them both for about a day and a half. Nothing special, just some normal spices and whatnot and some apple juice with the Butt. I put everything in the smoker Sunday afternoon around 4 pm. The Baby Backs were done in about 4 hr 30 min, and the Butt and Brisket both finished around 3:45 Monday morning. The Butt was an 8 pounder and the Brisket was an almost 9 lb flat. Pictures were taken with my iphone so may not be the best quality. I also didnt get finished pics till after everyone made their plates, lol. Enjoy!




























As you can see, the Baby Backs were already murdered before i could get pics, which is usually the case, lol. I also didnt slice my Brisket as thin this time as i was trying to hurry up.



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It looks like a fine feast nice job!!

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Awesome pics Disbe81!!!!  pics that make you say the d word with that  looks good afterwards Hehehehehe!

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Here is a full spread pic from one of my previous sessions.



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What a feast!!   Nice work.


Much more food and you will need a bigger table.



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 Haha, thats not my table, thats just the island in the kitchen!

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Disbe81, ver well done man! Nice looking spread you laid out there.

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Awesome spread there Disbe81! man i knew i forgot to add something to my boston butt trinity other than coleslaw, baked beans. see the deviled eggs in the pic and man hate i didn't add that to my spread for sure. Hehehehe!

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I would like to commend you on a fine feast sir.  Nice selection of meat you have there.  You never did say whether or not you liked the marinate over injection.  If you don't mind.

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You know i didnt notice too big of a difference between marinating or injecting. I think you get a little more of the injection flavor when you inject, but it seemed to be more moist when i marinated it. It is a lot less work to marinate it instead of injecting so i think i will marinate it again next time for 2-3 days and see how it comes out.

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Originally Posted by Disbe81 View Post

 Haha, thats not my table, thats just the island in the kitchen!

damn nice spread !

your kitchen don't look half bad either !

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That had to be good, excellent job

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Good smoke ring and nice spread!



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Hungry...must eat....great job now I am starved!

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Nice Q and a heck of a nice spread you have going on there.

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