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chefrob, while I would love to do what you did, I don't have a shop or many tools.  Maybe someday.    The fire was pretty effective in removing rust, so I think I've gotten a good start.  It's still too hot to do much more, and I work long shifts the next few days so I'll tackle it more another day.  My goal is to start using it next weekend, so I plan to clean out the rust, paint, and call it good.  In the future I'll add some modifications and maybe some winter I'll hit up my friend who works as a sandblaster, but if I let myself be too much of a perfectionist I'll never actually use the thing! 


ellymae, I'm not a fan of Matchlight and would not purchase it myself, but I'm even less a fan of waste.  I think burning off rust is a pretty good use of free Matchlight.  I'll save the rest for tailgating. 

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I second what ellymae states,


Especially in the side fire box, if it trys to go out and builds vapor it can make for a large flash fire in a hurry.

Beside that LOL its Smelly!!!!


Good luck

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You guys wouldn't use free Matchlight to burn off some rust?  Really? 

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hi marissa! welcome to SMF! glad you found us! hope to see plenty of qview soon and it looks like you're off to a great start1

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Thank you!  I'm quite excited myself.  So are my neighbors. 

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Oh I'd use the freebie stuff for burnin off rust, starting a small campfire ect. !  Welcome to our group.  As a noob I can tell you that you will not find a better group to discuss smoking. I've learned more in the few weeks I've been here than  I have in months or years on my own or other forums.


Give us some pics of that smoker when you get it fired up!  You'll be makin magic before you know it.

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