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Mandarin Orange Stuffed Chicken Breasts with a Asian Toasted Sesame Sauce

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Hey all, in another quest to come up with something out of the box so to speak my daughter ans I came up with what turned out to be an amazing smoke. The idea was a we thing Somehow I had to do all the  cooking. I stuffed 6 large chicken breasts with Mandarin Oranges. When I went to the pantry looking for spices and I thought I would use Mandarin and Habanero rub I had and like. This rub is not what it seems by the name. It's not Hot. My daughter doesn't't like hot spicy foods and she loves it.


We decided in the Asian Toasted Sesame dressing & marinade because my daughter loves it! While looking in the pantry we were staring at 4 bottles of it. So that was that. We decided to mix some of the Mandarin orange juice in with the marinade to sweeten it up a bit. This worked well.  I mopped the chicken and applied a shake of garlic powder and some of the rub to each breast on both sides. Once sauced and seasoned they went into the Traeger Texas they went. I smoked them on the smoke setting for 1 1/2 hours then increased the temp to 225 degrees. The meat probes went in at 145 degrees and from this point on I mopped twice within the time it reached 165 degrees. I pulled the chicken, gave it one more mopping and plated it up topped with mandarin orange slices. Man they were tasty! Anyway thought I would share. The recipe not the chicken. The chicken is all gone!










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That is crazy good looking Rob! How did you stuff it, where to cut? I've never done that, but like to try it. Thanks for the great idea!

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I forgot to post the Video URL above. I made the cut at the thick end. Here is my recipe with a video that shows the entire process. It's really easy and fun to make.

Recipe Page with Video.


I just added the embeded video so folks can watch in the forum without having to leave. See above.

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Thanks for the video! I giggled at the fast speed, especially when you were mixing the sauce. LOL! I'm a weirdo.

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See how fast I am... No need for a blender!

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Great post and video - great idea. I have fresh manderines and this looks like fun - Will make up a dressing with toasted sesame oil and add to our list of to do

Thanks for sharing

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Now your chicken breast look fabulous from here. Now you can use hot peppers in some recipes as long as you know what your doing and the flavor of some peppers are really great too.

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Very good post as usual Rob, looks really good!!

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Thanks mballi3011 and Pandemonium. This was a fun smoke and my daughter loves this recipe so much I get to make it again today.

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Congrats on a great smoke, the Q looks real tasty.  very nice flavoring for chicken.

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Now thats different, gotta try that one.

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