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Brinky Gourmet Charcoal Inaugural Smoke: But and Beef Rib Steaks qview

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I seasoned the smoker on my last days off with a simple coal pan mod while I watched temps and got a handle on the low volume consumption of comparison to the SNP...1/4 to 1/3 the fuel usage.


Anyway, here's the first offering to the smoke gods.


The start of a long night:

1 Label.JPG



Rinsed off and drip drying on the grate I will use to smoke with and to transfer the butt to a pan for tenting:

2 rinsed.JPG



Rubbed with none other than my Red Bell Pepper Rub...we love this stuff...I kept the mess all in the sink for easier cleanup:

3 rubbed.JPG



Into the lower level of the gourmet on the accessory rack, which elevates the butt approx. 2" above the stock grate:

4 in ECB.JPG


That 8# butt looks kinda tiny way down there...

5 in ECB.JPG



Charcoal pan mod...holds about 5# level to the top, with an ash fall-out space of about 4":

6 coal pan.JPG



Smoke provided by Mesquite...I tucked a small chunk into a pocket I dug into the side of the coal-bed to get a smolder going:

7 Smoke wood.JPG



Rib Steaks on the top level, plus another accessory rack, for dinner tonight...yummo!:

1 in ECB.JPG




2 in ECB.JPG



Didn't get finished pics of the steaks, but then, that's not tonight's focus.


I won't have much more to show for a while, as I'm not peekin' at the smoke...just keepin' the fire and wet smoke goin' on for now.


Over 7 hours into the smoke right now...maybe it's time for a thermo probe in my butt to see if it has a fever yet?

 Yea, why not...catch a quick pic or 3, and I'll be back in a flash! LOL!!!



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Uh-oh...ash covered butt? Think I might have disturbed my coal-bed too much and woke them up...look at the side of the meat:

8 7.5 hrs 150.JPG


Crap...think I'll sacrifice some rub/bark and get out a spray bottle of water to get rid of this before it sets up solid.


Let the learning curve begin!


IT is @ 150* and stalled, so I'll be greeting the sunrise before this comes out to pan & tent for a 200* soak in a nice sauna.





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I had to remove the coal pan mod I was using after about 5.5 hours...temps were sliding down too much like the coals weren't getting enough air to burn hot enough. So, I centered a charcoal grate from a 22" kettle onto a cut down large tin can (burned out & seasoned) to get some serious air to the fire. Added the already hot coals back to this grate and set the cylinder back on the coal pan flange for another try to finish my butt. That did work out much better, so I'll do do more ironing to get the wrinkles out of my coal pan mod before the next smoke. I need this smoker for a back-up in mid-July for a larger should be ready by then.


8.75 hours to hit 158*'s passing 3:20 am now, and I'm tired.


Panned and tented for a 12 hour+ soak in steam from a few cups of added water.

9 pan.JPG



10 pan.JPG




I'm going to get a couple hours sleep out of this deal, so technically, this doesn't count as an all-night smoke, though we will be able able to enjoy the fruits, just the same.


Back in about 16 hours with pulled pork, if you care to join me for some...well,if they get the SPM's (smoked private messages) added to the new forum platform that is. HEH-HEH-HEH!!!!!!!! Yep, I'm tired.........


Thanks for peeking at my ECB's (ECB to me, anyway) maiden voyage.



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Ha Ha....Great looking Butt.  LOL.  I told ya you should have sent that Brinkman to me for "Cave" testing.  Looks great man.  I hope you got some shots of them steaks.

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You have a beautiful Butt there!!





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now thats some slabs of beef. It does my heart good to see someone eat a massive steak like those. 

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I about died waiting all day for this! Haven't had any freshly smoked PP in, uh, oh, I don't know, maybe 2 weeks...LOL!!!


I really like the temp  hold/steam method for finishing pulled meats. It works great for pretty much anything, and using a rack to elevate the meat? Oh yea, this is always good eats:

11 Ready.JPG



Butt fell into several chunks when I grabbed the bone and lifted it out...w/o the flash:



With the flash, after pulling for a bit:







Italian Loaf:

15 Bread.JPG


I sliced the loaf through the middle, then, split and cut into 6 large sections...hmm, we still have another loaf...want some?:

16 PP Sammie.JPG



My wife & girls got home from shopping just in time to build a batch of coleslaw to go with this, so it's pork heaven this fine Saturday evening. Speaking of shopping, the significant other half made my smoking plans for me in the morning, so I gotta get that charcoal pan mod perfected for some...loin back ribs!!! YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! We all love to eat Q, I love to smoke it, and my wife is my co-dependent/supplier for the addiction...does it get any better than that?!?!?!? I really do LOVE my wife!!!


Thanks for waiting patiently, like I had to!


Have a smoky weekend, everyone!!!



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good work. if it taste half as good as it looks, 

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So very very nice there Eric. Yet another fine job you have done for us here in the great smokey smoke land.

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