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Sirloin Tip - Roast Beef Sandwiches QView

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Hey guys, first time going a sirloin tip for roast beef sandwiches. It turned out great - except I was battling some really bad wind and it didn't make for an easy cook. Not bad for my first tip, or the condition I was given. 



I smoked this yesterday afternoon - used some Baxters' Original wood - Pecan and one chunk of Peach. Fantastic wood, by the way. 


Did a little experimenting with the "rub" - simple, and effective. I am not by the pantry where I stored the spices (still in the order I put them back), so I will post what I used in a little bit. 




What do you guys think!? It tasted fantastic to me and my taste buds...







On the tasty fresh Publix bread (topped with provolone)





Homemade coleslaw and my choice of beverage






I cooked until an IT of about 147, per a thread I read about IT for sirloin tips. I think maybe 144 would be perfect, but I'm not sure...



Comments? Suggestions? I'm open!

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Think I did about 140º internal. It was pretty good, but got even better when after a few days the wife made an au jus and warmed it just enough to run the sliced sirloin thru it. MAN, did it ever come out so tender. Much better than when we first cut it.

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I would eat it, Looks real good!

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Thanks guys. 


Flash, do you have the recipe for the Au Jus? I'd like to try some for sure! 

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I try to keep some sirloin tip roast beef sliced and in the freeze at all times around. Here and I have a couple more in freezer awaiting the smoker to. Now I to take mine to 140°ish or so and then that leaves it alittle medium on the outside and rare on the inside. First we eat it sliced thick for dinner. Now it does get even better after a couple of days in the refrig. Then throw it into the freezer for a hour or so and then slice it thin for sammies.

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Oh man! That there is some tasty looking beef.

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Yummy looking' eats

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Wow that looks excellent! I definitely need to get around to trying one of those!

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Lookin good!

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Originally Posted by FLbobecu View Post

Thanks guys. 


Flash, do you have the recipe for the Au Jus? I'd like to try some for sure! 

Well in a pinch you can get some from McCormicks or Knorr at the store, but you are suppose to use juices from the meat itself. Here is one you can try:




    In a small bowl, combine the water and cornstarch and whisk with a fork until the blend is completely dissolved. Set aside.
    In a large skillet, over medium heat, pour in the drippings, broth, Kitchen Bouquet, Mrs. Dash, and seasoned salt and bring to a boil. When it boils, whisk in the cornstarch and water mix and continue whisking until it thickens slightly and then remove from heat.
    Pour this sauce over any sort of cooked beef or use as a sauce over beef and noodles.
    NOTE: Sometimes beef drippings can be really salty so add the seasoned salt ONLY after tasting the sauce.
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Appreciate it! :)

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Good lookin' beefy eatin'!  Job well done!

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