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First Compitition, some questions

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Well, I have assembled my team, picked an event that is close and we are starting with the planning stages. We plan on cooking with 2 UDS's and 2 ECB's. It is a sanctioned event, here is the link if anybody in interested I have read the rules, they are the PNWBA rules, very similar to the KCBS rules. My question is what do most people do about the 3 station sanitizing sink? I am thinking 3 meat tubs, a pot and a gas stove to heat the I way off, any other ideas that you folks have would be greatly appreciated, I am looking for a low cost redneck solution if at all possible. 

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Good luck!


I'm bumping this thread so I can see the answer.  I too am thinking about taking the plunge.

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I am not familiar with KCBS & PNWBA rules, but I know in IBCA 3 meat tubs and some way of getting hot water will work. It is exactly how I do it at every Comp. I don't see why it wouldn't work for your event also. They can't really expect every  team to be able to afford to pull a 3 stage sink with hot water heater, if they did they would greatly reduce the number of teams attending the event


Good Luck and let us know how you do

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That is what I was planning on doing, just wondering if there where any other (cheap) ways to do it out there.

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