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In celebration of the "new site"

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Keeping in the spirit of the newly designed SMF site, I decided to do something new. I have been wanting to make a fatty, so here is some QView of my first fatty. I had to work today, so this was actually done at the end of last week but saved for the new site.












I also made two whole chickens, another first for me. I figured I would smoke the fatty on the top shelf so that its tasty goodness would drip onto the chickens adding that much more flavor to them.  I used Jeff's rub on them and injected them with Vernors, then spritzed them with Vernors every hour. They turned out VERY good.






Here's how they turned out, I got excited (and hungry) so I forgot to take a pic of the chickens before they got carved up. Sorry!














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Looks like I have some problems with my QView. I'll try to fix it asap.

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You should be able to load your pictures right to the SMF site now. I have not tried it yet but its suppose to work good.

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Yep it more posting links from photobucket, etc...That is nice. 

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The pics work now. What did you change?

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The fatty came out pretty good. It was a little pink in the middle when I cut it open, even though the thermo said it should have been done. I just threw it in the oven for a few to finish it off.


I have to say, I am not a big fan of breakfast sausage, but the fatty was pretty good. I plan on making another one soon with ground chuck instead. I think (for my taste) it will be better.

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Originally Posted by rbranstner View Post

The pics work now. What did you change?

I just deleted the IMG urls from photobucket and just added them using the new image icon and loaded them directly to the site.

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