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Maverick ET-7

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My Weber therm died today, lasted almost a year. So I just ordered a Maverick ET-7 from for $39.99 and got free shipping. Saved 50% woohoo. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Well thats a good deal for sure.
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Well heres the update, I thought the weber had died. I replaced the batteries in the sending unit and hit the reset button like it says in the instructions and it wouldnt work. mad.gif Just for the heck of it I yanked the batteries out of the reciever and put them back and hit the reset button and now it works, go figure. Well it wont hurt to have more than 1 unit anyways. icon_cool.gif
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You are gonna love the ET73 - it is really handy
Glad the Webber came back to life
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I messed up when typing, I actually am getting the ET-7 the better one.
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